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The Magic Bullet: Part 1

Get pro-active! The new order of intelligent, strategic deployment of tactical and cutting edge marketing is crucial to the survival of American business and those seeking employment in todays brutal job market. I am going to provide you with solutions you can use today. I will cover both sides…,  first; Business in part 1, next month Individual Job Seekers in part 2…


Business Survival

  • Stop spending your life’s blood on advertising that never brings the return you are paying for!

Instead of throwing away tens, in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns and publications that bring nothing but disappointment, invest in the tools and assets you already possess. You need to work your business as efficiently as possible, if you’re not sure how, I will provide you with a direct line to finding out exactly how you can tap into a hidden reserve of additional; business you have simply been missing out on all this time at the end of this article.

  • Get back to true marketing strategies.

I know you have utilized an array of marketing strategies over the life of your business or for some of you, at your initial launch that have not provided the ROI (return on investment) you expected. The reason is simple: “lack of integration and cohesion”. A marketing campaign needs to integrate seamlessly with your current business strategy to form a cohesive marketing image to your customer base, if the marketing is off then business is going to be off as well. Creating true value for your customer base requires an intimate knowledge of your demographics’ needs, desires, and buying habits, which brings me to an important point: If you want to know how to market top your customer base, you need to ASK THEM WHAT THEY WANT. Discovery of your target markets true needs is a key component to True marketing and more importantly, the ultimate success of your business. I will provide REAL solutions that will help you not only obtain momentum, but sustain it. CONTACT ME RIGHT NOW THROUGH EMAIL OR PHONE AND I WILL RESPOND BACK TO YOU BY THE END OF THE DAY.


  • Recruiting

Without the right people on your team, it is nearly impossible to achieve any sustainable level of success. Even if you work alone, you still need to utilize third parties for a multitude of tasks. Recruiting the proper candidates is a time consuming process that needs to be approached with great care, patience and focus. Simply put: You need to hire a professional to ensure you find the best and brightest and that they align with your overall vision of long term sustainability and success. We have all been lucky with a few personal hires and third party vendors but in the end, if you want to be truly strong as an organization or company, you need to follow expert advice. Use a professional recruiter to build a strong team, use  other referrals from industry experts and similar businesses to structure your supply chain. I am here to help you be more than. Make things happen today, by TAKING ACTION NOW. CALL OR EMAIL ME AND LETS OPEN A DIALOGUE THAT GETS YOU MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.


  • Business Development
A primary component to any successful business is business development that provides a long term sustainably renewable flow of business from new clientele as well as your existing customer base. Statistics aside, you want to be certain you are providing every opportunity to execute the sale, this requires a clear understanding of both current and future needs as it pertains to both your existing and newly acquired customer base. The solution here is the implementation of  our seasoned team of Expert Business Development agents! However it’s more like a S. W. A. T. Team of Business Development professionals working to secure your next project, customer, client or deal. These are pre-screened, hand-picked and vetted business deals ready for you to step in and secure negotiated work, customers who are ready to buy from you today, clients who are looking for long term business relationships with YOU and deals that are ready to be closed NOW! Your firm will have a consistent flow of new projects ( That Pay! ), new customers who keep coming back for more, clients who sing your praises and create new referral business as a result and deals that consistently exceed expectations. You will also be establishing long term business relationships that continue to reap your firm profits far into the future. However, NONE OF THIS CAN HAPPEN UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION NOW! Let’s work together to secure a more profitable future.
  • Public Relations
Public Relations is generally underutilized and usually executed with lackluster results when it is deployed in todays’ highly competitive business environment. There are key elements, which are vital to the success of a PR Campaign and at Boston Brain Bank LLC we will provide you with:

  • A Top of the line Public Relations Campaign custom designed to propel your firm’s reputation as an industry leader. Image is everything and through our tried and true system of designing PR Campaigns that are effective as well as extremely informative, you will see an increase in your bottom line. As part of our internet marketing strategy, you PR campaign will have full integration with your brand new:

  • Premium Designed Web Architecture created specifically for your firm.  This is far more than a website designed to get “Hits.” This is a proprietary Web Architecture built to maximize SEO and integrate custom advertising, news, and dynamic profiling of your firm and your team. Think of it as a new “Front End” to drive traffic, interest and new clients and projects to your door. We provide complete Webmaster oversight as well as Hosting and Graphic Design. When you want updated information integrated into your custom Web Architecture, all you need to do is make one call or email and we take care of the rest. SIMPLE…, THE WAY IT SHOULD BE
  • Media Production for your firm.

  • Let’s face it, to be truly competitive these days you need to take advantage of todays’ media technology in order to get your message out there and drive new business to your door. We utilize today’s cutting edge media tools and technology to deliver custom video and podcasts featuring you and your firm. These productions are released to over 20,000 industry specific subscribers as well as millions of people through our media servers, email marketing campaigns, network of integrated websites and iTunes.

  • The Bottom line is: You need to grow your bottom line and the best way to do that is to take immediate and decisive action.



The 3 Key Steps To Getting Hired Today

The 3 key steps To Getting Hired Today:

1.RESEARCH the position you will be applying for thoroughly! I cannot stress this point enough, because an educated candidate is going to have a superior edge over a candidate that “thinks” they know what the employer is looking for but does not. DON’T THINK…..KNOW! Here is how you go about educating yourself in a complete and thorough manner:
Become an EXPERT on the position you are applying for ( even if you believe you already are ) you can always learn more specific targeted information about the position…by conducting in- depth research; on google for example, you can search the top 10 openings in the country for the specific position and see exactly what these employers are searching for. Read online resumes for specific skill sets and computer related platforms you need to be up to speed on. READ trade journals, search news releases that may contain changing technology in your field and check out any training programs that may provide an edge by adding to your skill set.
CALL other companies outside of your state that are hiring for the same position and ask the HR Director as many questions as possible to really dig for those pieces of information that may help you in local interviews. BE CREATIVE in your conversation and establish a dialogue with these hiring professionals in order to further your insight into what they may be looking for specifically.
CHECK OUT PODCASTS related to the position, you can find a goldmine of FREE information that can provide that little bit extra that may secure you that new position Today.

2. FIND THE NUMBER for the employer you have chosen to interview with and CALL THEM DIRECTLY,
explain to them that you are only available to interview for the next 2 days and you would like to interview TODAY.
Be clear in the fact that they were recommended by a business associate who had heard only good things about them and that you would hate to miss the opportunity. Be professional, but be aggressive! People like determination and focus! Get the interview scheduled, ( if not for TODAY, then persuade them to schedule you for tomorrow ). CREATE URGENCY! BE PERSISTENT! GET THE INTERVIEW!

3. NAIL THE INTERVIEW! You are an expert in your field, you know the industry inside and
out and can communicate your knowledge clearly and with passion!
BE FLEXIBLE! on starting pay, and scheduling (once you are hired and working for a time,
you can renegotiate from a position of strength!)
Tell them you only interview at one company and this is THE ONE. (CONVICTION PAYS!)


Finding The Perfect Job

Finding the perfect job in todays brutal job market is an extremely difficult task which takes a high degree of knowledge and expertise. People are constantly asking the question: Can you find something that will pay me what I used to receive on monthly basis and can you find it fast?
The answer is both simple and complex, as there are many more people out there competing for the same positions. The first part of the answer is yes, however finding an employer who will match your previous salary may take a considerable amount of time ( months ) before finding the position which satisfies this criteria. During this search period you are most likely not making any income and every day without income is money you are “leaving on the table”. The result being that your eventual salary is ultimately decreased in direct proportion to the amount of time it took to find your new position, thereby lowering your “matched” salary.
I advise my clients to take the first reasonable job offer which satisfies their immediate need for income, and continue the search for their target salary in parallel. Once the desired salary is offered, you can depart your interim position with maximum income attained.
In respect to the speed at which a job can be located, the answer is yes we can find a position quickly, but not necessarily one that will match your previous salary. As stated previously, while speed is desirable it is not always realistic. The chances are that you will need to start with a position which pays less, until you find a position that pays more. One needs to favor patience and strategy over immediate desire and perceived need.