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Finding The Perfect Job

Finding the perfect job in todays brutal job market is an extremely difficult task which takes a high degree of knowledge and expertise. People are constantly asking the question: Can you find something that will pay me what I used to receive on monthly basis and can you find it fast?
The answer is both simple and complex, as there are many more people out there competing for the same positions. The first part of the answer is yes, however finding an employer who will match your previous salary may take a considerable amount of time ( months ) before finding the position which satisfies this criteria. During this search period you are most likely not making any income and every day without income is money you are “leaving on the table”. The result being that your eventual salary is ultimately decreased in direct proportion to the amount of time it took to find your new position, thereby lowering your “matched” salary.
I advise my clients to take the first reasonable job offer which satisfies their immediate need for income, and continue the search for their target salary in parallel. Once the desired salary is offered, you can depart your interim position with maximum income attained.
In respect to the speed at which a job can be located, the answer is yes we can find a position quickly, but not necessarily one that will match your previous salary. As stated previously, while speed is desirable it is not always realistic. The chances are that you will need to start with a position which pays less, until you find a position that pays more. One needs to favor patience and strategy over immediate desire and perceived need.