About BBB Recruiting

Boston Brain Bank, LLC
is a professional services firm specializing in:
Business & Technology Consulting, Enterprise-Wide Staffing and Candidate Training.
We are a privately held company that prides itself on delivering
services of exceptional quality and value, with a focus on customer service.

Focused on developing Partnerships with companies of all sizes, Boston Brain Bank offers a comprehensive portfolio of Consulting, Staffing,
and Training services that help businesses and individuals achieve a strategic advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.
Boston Brain Bank has an extensive nationwide network which allows our recruiters to open doors other firms simply cannot.

Mission Statement

To provide superior results for our clients. Our services are delivered through professionalism,
superior ethics, technology and attitude.

From managing recruitment campaigns, to enhancing your staff, to educating our country’s work force, Boston Brain Bank always exceeds your expectations.

For more information about Boston Brain Bank,
Please call: (888) 377-3332

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