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iPhone OS 4.0: A Features Report Card

Ok, So here’s the deal:
All the News sites have slightly different versions of the same story posted by now on Apple’s new 4.0 OS for iPhone, iPad and iPod…..I do not like being redundant, so I have hand picked an article I personally found informative to share with you in case you just can’t get enough information about everything Apple !:

iPhone OS 4.0: A Features Report Card

Ok! Now you have the all the beans that were spilled in Apple’s sneak preview of OS 4.0 …… There are more than 100 new features for users coming in this update, however if you have an iphone 3G or earlier you are going to be severely limited in the amount of features that you will be able to take advantage of, which brings me to the primary point of this post………..what tools are available for me to utilize now to improve my current iPhone experience? Today I’m going to focus on the iPhone camera for both still shots and video (this pertains to the 3GS as well), being as this seems to be huge point of contention with iPhone owners all over the world (including myself). Now we know the 3GS comes video ready, but what about the 3G?

Answer: Check out Qik Video and iVideo Camera in the App Store.

Ok Once you have your pick of these slick Apps it’s time to check out the main attraction, it’s called the OWLE and instead of a long winded explanation I’m going to give you the link right here:

Article and description of the OWLE

Owle Bubo Review: For Hardcore iPhone Videographers

Think Geek Post on the OWLE

Alright so that’s it for now, I hope you found that mildly interesting, if you want more info on the iphone camera and photography techniques you need to check out: